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ACVB Joins The MSP Unity Basketball League

ACVB commissioner, Tino Brazao, fields a youth team representing ACVB in the Massachusetts State Police youth basketball league in Brockton. Athletic Director, Reggie Carter, will be hosting the games at New Heights Charter School. This is an initiative by the  Massachusetts State Police and the Plymouth County District Attorney, Tim Cruz, to promote & build positive relations with law enforcement and the community through basketball. The season began yesterday March 17, 2022.


Building positive relations in the community is something that ACVB believes in and for several years the organization has been bridging the gap between police and the youth through its events. These events have proven impactful in the community, so its only right for the league organization to participate with the state police program to contribute and help expand on common initiatives.


Community Day Basketball in Boston

ACVB coordinated its first community event in Boston in collaboration with the City of Boston and BCYF.  The event was also help sponsored by DFA (The Depina Family Association) & MAPS (Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers). Boston Police Commissioner William G. Gross on behalf of the Boston Police Activities league (PAL) donated drinks and snacks for the event in Boston. ACVB is a grassroots community effort to establish a community sports project that connects families with the community through youth development activities such as basketball and it’s C.A.R.E. Program (Community Advantage Resource Engagement).  Parts of the C.A.R.E. program comprises of STREM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, and Mathematics) and athletics. The program exposes youth to an array of opportunities that are fundamental for their future and areas of interest beyond what they are previewed in their daily lives… READ MORE

CrossOver – Nov Rume: ACVB Intinerary

Torneiro masculino ‘CrossOver’ – com equipa convidada:  A.C.V.B of USA

‘CrossOver’ Men’s Tournament – featuring invited team:  A.C.V.B of USA

Place: Cidade do Mindelo, São Vicente

Organization: CrossOver – Nov Rume


Wednesday – August 2nd

07:00 pm –  A.C.V:B team arrival – place to stay (Lar Estudantil)

08:00 pm – Dinner (Palm)

Thursday – August 3rd  

09:00 am – Breakfast (Elvis Restobar)

10:00 am – A.C.V.B team practice (Oeiras)

12:30 pm – Lunch (Palm)

02:00 pm – Visit the Island

07:30 pm – Dinner (Palm)

Friday – August 4th

09:00 am – Breakfast (Elvis Restobar)

10:00 am- practice (Oeiras)

12:30 pm – Lunch (Palm)

02:00 pm – Basketball Clinic

04:00 pm – Interview to the radio station – RTC

7:30 pm – Dinner (Palm)

Saturday – August 5th

09:00 am – Breakfast (Elvis Restobar)

12:30 pm – Lunch (Palm)

06:00 to 11:00 pm – CrossOver

1st Game – All Blacks vs Rosairense

2nd Game – A.C.V Boston vs Real Sociedade

Sunday – August 6th

09:00 am – Breakfast (Elvis Restobar)

12:30 pm – Lunch (Palm)

06:00 to 11:00 pm – CrossOver

Team A vs Team B (game for first place)

Team C vs Team D (game for third place)

Monday to Wednesday – August 07th to 09th

07:00 am, August 7th – Go to Santo Antão

10:00 am, August 9th –Arrival from Santo Antão

Thursday – August 10th

09:00 am – Breakfast (Elvis Restobar)

10:00 am –basketball clinic

12:30 pm – Lunch (Palm)

02:00 pm – Basketball Clinic

07:30pm- Dinner

Friday – August 11

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