Contributions from North Easton Savings Bank has been instrumental in ACVB's outreach and CARE Program.
It is the 10th Community Voting Campaign and a grand total of $5,000 will be donated and distributed to six local nonprofit organizations based on your votes! You will be able to cast your vote once a day, every day until voting closes.
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Campana wins the ACVB 2022 Championship
Wins Series 2 - 0
Finals Game 1: AmiBasket 58 - 73 Campana Lança
Finals Game 2: AmiBasket 75 - 83 Campana Lança

ACVB 2022 Finals • Game 2

Elton Fonseca, of ACVB's Palma Panthers, was in the Sao Filipe neighborhood in the capital city, Praia, Cabo Verde, to deliver uniforms for youths at the Associação Escola de Basquetebol SFB.

ACVB Humanitarian Mission

ACVB fielded a team on humanitarian mission to Cabo Verde in August 2017. ACVB was in São Vicente and São Antao from August 2nd to August 11th where they coordinated basketball youth engagement clinics along with supplying donations and equipment for clubs and those in need.
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